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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.


For those who seek spiritual growth, or who seek a better ability to provide healing, we offer a comprehensive program which consists of three major steps: The first is to kick off your spiritual journey by learning the basic energy healing skills. The second is to release your core issues and resistance by using more advanced healing techniques, which are actually beyond “techniques.” The third is to transcend “I” by becoming the Infinite Consciousness.

  1. Our Program: Three Steps for Enlightenment
  2. Supporting Program
  3. Calendar of Events
  4. Why does “energy healing” correspond to “enlightenment”?
  5. Cognitive Orientation Error/Externality vs. Internality
  6. Assisting Your Internal Journey
  7. Strength of Our Program/How Masaru will help you


I . Our Program: Three Steps for Enlightenment

Module I: Reiki/Karuna Reiki
Learning Reiki and Karuna Reiki is a good first step because it instantly opens up your awareness to the extent that you realize the existence of something greater than you. You will be connected with the life force in and around you, and become capable to transfer the energy to yourself and someone else. You will experience the life force, in a tangible manner. We have redesigned Reiki classes carefully adding some elements from the Module II, so that you could step up smoothly. At our Reiki classes, you can learn the pure forms of Reiki as well as preparatory steps to go beyond Reiki. If you desire enlightenment, this will be a good start.

Main Objectives of Module I
• To get connected with the life force energy
• To be aware that you are an energetic being
• To be aware that you are in the process of spiritual evolution

For further information of Module I, click here for Reiki, click here for Karuna Reiki.

Module II: Intuitive Counseling/Spiritual Healing
At this stage, you will deepen the internal exploration. You will face and deal with your core fears such as a fear of loneliness, a fear of death, a fear of rejection, a fear of the unknown, so on and so forth. These are crucial blocks to be released for your evolution. To release them, you will learn the advanced healing skills, which will be focused on the transformational energy rather than the healing energy like Reiki. What you will learn is not actually a “skill”. You will simply open yourself up to allow the Light of God to flow into you.

Main Objectives of Module II
• To get connected with the Infinite Consciousness
• To get connected with your spiritual guides and masters
• To release your core issues, fears, and karma.
• To turn the orientation of your awareness from outward to inward and realize that everything is internal

For further information of Module II, click here.

Module III: Infinite Consciousness Seminar
At this stage, the true self, which is nothing and empty, will be shown to you. Through meditations and the combination of traditional practice (Zen and Yoga) with energy healing, we will repeatedly put you into the Sacred Space, or the flow of the Divine, to educate your ego; “that’s the home to go back.” Your ego will merge into the “home,” which is the basis of your being. This process is formless and automatic. What you will do is to be with the Sacred Space, or to be in the flow of the Divine. You will not need to do anything else. This is to do nothing to become Nothing.

Main Objectives of Module III
• To “become” the Infinite Consciousness
• To be in the flow of Divine
• To become Nothing
• To be comfortable with the unknown, paradox, or the state that you cannot control
• To be comfortable with the space where there is no “I.”

For further information of Module III, click here.

Please note that you need to take Module I to step up to Module II. If you have already taken Reiki or Karuna Reiki taught by someone else, please consult Masaru for the enrollment in Module II. You may need to take his Reiki classes again, because of its uniqueness. Module III is open for anybody. Module III is not for learning techniques, it is beyond techniques. Even if your conscious level is not high enough to fully experience the oneness with the Divine, you will somehow taste it. If you have been dedicated to your spiritual growth for decades, the Module III will help you to integrate the blissful state into yourself. Wherever your conscious level might be, you will simply experience the Module III differently accordingly to your level. Again, Module III is open for anyone.

II. Supporting Programs

In addition to the main program mentioned in the above, we will prepare supplemental opportunities for you.

A. Special Event/Lawrence Lanoff
B. Self-Exploration Open Forum
C. Private Session

A. Special Event/Lawrence Lanoff

We will periodically invite Lawrence Lanoff, a mentor of Masaru, from Sedona, Arizona to have his workshop for sharing his great spiritual insights. Lawrence is always in the altered or meditative state of consciousness, yet simultaneously retaining the functionality of talking, joking, driving, eating, etc. You will be amazed to see the balance between spirituality and functionality in him. He is an expert of mythologies: a series of misunderstood stories that are binding your life. He will cognitively and energetically shatter the illusions you hold on to. His energetic support will be intense, by calling in the Light of Prophets, which is, perhaps, on the highest vibration available for a human, and by utilizing the group energy. Masaru has been greatly inspired by the Lawrence approach. It smashes your illusions from deep inside of you by utilizing anything available at the moment, and by facilitating the process of transformation by becoming the process, not controlling the process from the outside.

Currently, his workshop in Chicago in 2009, hosted by Masaru, is undecided. If you are interested, please e-mail Masaru at As decided, you will receive the notice.

B. Self-Exploration Open Forum

This free meeting, which will be frequently held over the year, helps you to heighten and maintain your energy frequency. We will have a short discussion of spiritual topics such as: love, forgiveness, surrender, soul, etc. Then, Masaru will lead a short meditation, calling in a transformational energy to open up your energy system. This will be a nice opportunity to taste what Masaru is offering in his program. This will be nice to keep your energy vibration, if you are in the midst of a learning process of some energy healing techniques. This will be nice for anyone who is interested in the Spirit. This is open for anyone.

For further information about a Self-Exploration Open Forum, click here.

C. Private Session

What you need for your spiritual growth is unique. What works for somebody does not necessarily work for you. The mental and emotional blocks you hold are very unique as well. Therefore, you need a private and tailor-made support. Masaru will tap in your specific issue(s) and help to release it as effectively as possible. You can have a session with him either in person or over the phone.

For the details, click here.

III. Calendar of Events

Please go to a separate page of Calendar of Events.

IV. How does “energy healing” correspond to “enlightenment”?

Enlightenment is the state of being fully connected, without any resistance, with the unified field of consciousness (what many call God or Divine) which is filled with the infinite potentiality for the creation. As your awareness expands, you will realize that your being is saturated in the ocean of potentiality, and it is always there as an accessible resource for you. When you are open to it, the power to heal naturally flows into you. Then, you could utilize it. Therefore, it could be said that the capability to provide healing is a by-product of your awakening process.

Enlightenment is the goal, and the healing force is a by-product. This is, however, not to say you could neglect the by-product. The energy healing comes in handy to shift your consciousness. What blocks you from a fully enlightened awareness is an energetic reality. The block is the rigid force within you, attaching you to your judgments of how things should be; your emotions like fear and anger, and your perceptions of what is going to happen, all of which are unreal. An energetic tool, which could directly approach your rigidity at an unconscious level, is useful to loosen it. It opens up your space to the field of potentiality. This is why we incorporate the energy healing practice into the awakening process.

V. Cognitive Orientation Error/Externality vs. Internality

Enlightenment is a totally internal process; thereby nothing external can bring it to you. The energy healing will just be useful as a tool, but will never be a sufficient condition for your spiritual evolution. Many students of energy healing overlook this point and fall into the cognitive orientation error of externality versus internality. Since their energetic capability was opened up at first, by the energy transfer from their teachers (called attunement or initiation), they tend to misunderstand that the source of healing energy resides outside of them. Then, they begin and continue the external exploration, visiting healing teachers one after another, and learning modalities one after another, in order to gain higher capability and higher awareness. They wish to find out, some day, an absolutely powerful tool or teacher that brings them to a leap of their consciousness. They will never find it as long as they are looking outside.

You do not need to travel “outside,” but you need to travel deeply “inside” of you. It is because, what you are looking for is already within you. Enlightenment is not a destination. Enlightenment is an ongoing process of realizing that you are one with the Infinite Consciousness (ultimately, realizing that you are the Infinity itself). It is already there within you. You always retain the source of Divine energy for healing within you. You are already an enlightened being.

Another reason why you need to search inside yourself is that what hinders your spiritual evolution is nothing outside but yourself. What drags you down is you. What puts you in a lower vibration is you. You are blocking yourself; nothing or no one out there does not impede your growth. You are retaining the rigid forces within you, which hold you in the creations of your mind. The mind creations are thoughts, ideas, images, emotions, concepts, and so on and so forth, all of which are not true. You are unconsciously and repeatedly creating the mental glue putting you in a miserable mental or emotional state that is filled with anger, frustration, loneliness, sadness or pain. Until you will let go of that mental rigidity in you, the conscious leap will not take place.

If you believe there must be a spiritual “path” or a certain “way” out there, which perfectly matches your needs and takes you to the highest state of consciousness, and if you believe you are not awakened simply because you have not found such a “path,” you are completely off the mark. Describing it in an analogy, you are drowning in the ocean by holding the heavy weights of giant rocks, and asking external help, asking someone to pull you out from the ocean. The external rescue will not work until you let go of the weights that sink you. It’s not the fault of the helpers outside; it’s your fault.

Since enlightenment is an internal process, it follows that you cannot force enlightenment to happen. What you could do is simply to allow it to happen. Like you cannot intentionally control the growth of your body, and the growth of any other living beings: when a seed germinates, how tall a plant grows, when a flower blossoms, how many fruits a tree bears, etc, you cannot control your internal growth. Unfortunately, many spiritual seekers overlook this point, and they keep striving for a quick fix. They are eager to reach the peak as soon as possible. Ironically, the faster they try to reach enlightenment, the slower their evolution becomes.

Your spiritual voyage should be directed to your inner space, not outer space. From the above analogy of a drowning person who holds rocks, you need to observe what kind of rocks (e.g., karmic pattern of self-sabotage) you are holding on to, and what causes you to hold on to it. When you look inward deeply enough and successfully release the rocks, you will gain the floating force. You will naturally and automatically receive it, as a gift of the Divine, and you will enjoy resting on the surface of the ocean. That peaceful moment is enlightenment.

VI. Assisting Your Internal Journey

What you need to deal with is deeply buried within you. Therefore, you need to turn inward. However, the internal journey is inherently difficult for many reasons. First, to turn your attention internally, in itself, is a difficult task. It is because you assume that you passively interpret the outer reality. You assume that the outer reality exists prior to your experience of it. Thus, when you feel bad, you believe there is something outside to blame. When you see some hardship in your life, you believe it is attacking you from outside. You could hardly realize that the pains attacking you are projections of your inner mind. It is difficult, at first, to realize the need to go inward. Second, even if you could realize the need to turn inward, you need to tap into your subconscious or unconscious spheres. It is obviously hard to reach. Third, at that place deep within, you will encounter the core fears or issues you have concealed and repressed. Nobody wants to see and feel it. Fourth, the inward journey will eventually make you realize that everything is internal. The external world is a reflection of your inner consciousness. What you perceive as outside of you is actually inside of you. The world is in you. Both heaven and hell are in you. You are responsible for everything, both positively and negatively, happening to you. This is hard to believe and a very heavy responsibility to shoulder. Fifth, the internal mental rigidity that binds you with pains and issues has been created and accumulated throughout your life times, which is hundreds or thousands of years old. You feel paralyzed, being wrapped up with this complicated interwoven tapestry of energetic mess. Thus, it is difficult to release it even if you could recognize it.

We would like to stress that you need help, even though external help will never be a sufficient condition to bring you to the highest state of consciousness. What assistance you choose will be crucial because of the difficulties above mentioned. If you seek enlightenment alone like a yogi sitting in the cave of the Himalayan Mountain without contacting anyone, because you know that enlightenment is an internal process, your journey is likely to fail. As mentioned in the above, you will encounter the core fears that your conscious mind or ego cannot bear. If you fight with it alone, you will simply escape from it, conceal it, or deny it. You need someone to secure the safety to deal with the core fears.

The followings are, we believe, some vital qualities to help your internal journey in our program. The first is to create the Sacred Space, which is filled with the Divine love, around you as a safety net, when you are frightened with intense fear. This is crucial as we discussed in the above paragraph. The Sacred Space embraces you like a baby in the mother’s arms. It gives you the feeling that you are protected, thereby giving you the confidence to face the fear.

Further significance of this Sacred Space is to help you to surrender and release resistance or rigidity around everything. You are holding onto your illusory perceptions, because you misunderstood you are safer by doing so. To go over this misunderstanding, the genuine safety, provided by the Divine, should be shown to you to replace the false safety in your mind. You will firmly acknowledge the genuine safety when you are saturated in the Sacred Space, which is infinite peace, quiet, and tranquility.

The second is to incorporate energy healing techniques as a tool to shift your consciousness, but not as a goal in itself. If you adhere to or worship a certain healing system, it will bind your life and become a source of blocks. Even if you are seriously dedicated to learning energy healing and/or have been constantly receiving it for many years, you are unlikely to reach enlightenment. It is as if your dedication to sharpening a kitchen knife will not necessarily make you a good chef. A good tool is just a good help. We will repeatedly emphasize it throughout our program that the energy healing will be a help; no more, no less. By realizing the nature of energy healing as a tool, it will discourage you to explore the outer reality for the absolute answer, and encourage you to explore the inner reality.

The third is to challenge you to beat your cognitive orientation error, externality versus internality. Through discussions and meditations, we will let you realize; what you believe outside is actually inside. Thereby, what you believe real is actually unreal. To take but one example, when your mom says to you, “You should marry an honest man and bear a child by the age of 25,” you perceive a sensation of obligation somewhere in your body. This sensation actually emerges from the within as an energetic reality. However, you mistake this sensation for external reality, as if your mom actually places a physical weight on you. Your mom becomes your enemy. Your experience of the burden is a hallucination – an illusion, due to the error in your head. We will point out each error you make one by one. You will eventually realize nothing external threatens you.

The fourth is to provide you with appropriate meditations at each stage of evolution. A meditation is extremely important, because it is a tool to verge on your subconscious or unconscious fields. A crucially important aspect is that the format of meditation should be shifted, as you spiritually evolve. An ordinal visualization, like visiting a mystic temple in the jungle to see your spiritual guide and to gain his insights, works well, when you are beginning the spiritual journey. However, it will not help you at the more advanced level, because that visualization confuses you, as if the wisdom exists outside of you. We will carefully provide you with a meditation which will help you tap deeply within yourself.

VII. Strength of Our Program/How Masaru will help you

With the above points in mind, Masaru has created the program of healing and enlightenment. It begins with systematic learning of energy healing such as Reiki and Karuna Reiki to take off on your spiritual journey. It progresses to a deeper internal journey to face and release the core fears. Then, it will reach a formless process to connect you with the Infinite Consciousness. You will experience twofold shifts. First, you will gain the energetic shift. You will progress from a system of healing to a formless healing, in which you do not rely on any techniques. When you receive the massive potentiality from the Divine, you will not need any healing skills. Your presence will become the source of healing. Second, you will gain the cognitive shift, realizing that everything is internal.

The backbone of our program is sprung from the spiritual gift Masaru has. Through his spiritual evolution for years, he reached and gained, at around November 2006, the non-dual awareness, where the infinite universe extends within the finite forms of all beings. He has sensed that the infinity coincides within the finite, the Unmanifested within the Manifested. The Spirit superimposes itself on the matter. Or better saying, the matter superimposes itself on the Sprit. Since then, he has been able to tap into the Infinite Consciousness and to assist others to be connected with it.

This is the most prominent strength in what Masaru offers to help you. He has a special talent to create the Sacred Space around you, and to connect you with it. As discussed already, within that safety, you will gain the confidence to deal with your core fears. Not many spiritual teachers can offer this type of energetic help to that depth.

His connectedness with the Infinity offers another benefit to you. What he is offering through his meditations is more than simple visualization or repetition of positive affirmations. He is going to put himself into a deep meditated state so that he could sense your spiritual needs. He will not read transcripts of meditations, but will let your soul and his soul guide the meditation. Through this process, you and he will be placed into the Sacred Space, and together will be saturated in the healing energy of the Divine. His meditation can be said to be a collective healing rather than psychological programming. By being connected with the Divine and with your soul, he will find the best approach to deepen your internal awareness.

He is aware of both merits and limitations of energy healing for shifting your consciousness. This awareness forms the most unique aspect of the program, by comparing with other spiritual teachings available out there. As your awareness expands, he will encourage you to leave behind the healing techniques you mastered. It enables you to be in the flow of the Divine. Any healing systems filled with the assumptions of how the healing should go will become crucial blocks for you to be connected with the Divine, thus blocking your spiritual growth. He will ask you to drop them, including what he teaches at the introductory segments of his program.

This is not to say his introductory classes of energy healing are meaningless. This is to say, your needs will change as you evolve. The system of energy healing works the best to initiate your spiritual journey. When you accomplish it, you do no longer need it. Beyond that point, you will need deeper help, which should be formless and which the ordinary healing “system” cannot provide. This is very unique because it encourages you to disengage yourself from what you accomplish at the beginning of your spiritual journey. However, it is a necessary process.

The last, but not least, it should be stressed that Masaru is an expert of conflicting duality, having been brought up in the Buddhist culture that teaches: “You are nothing.” He has also been trained in the Western spiritual healing community that teaches: “You are God.” These two teachings, seemingly in conflict, are completely in harmony in his present awareness. By tapping into the Infinity, he will help you to experience Light in the Darkness, Significance in Insignificance, and Beauty in the Void. Within the Infinity, everything exists in peace and harmony. Where there is no good or evil, you will have no judgments on yourself or on others. That will give you tremendous freedom and joyfulness in your life. He sincerely wants you to enjoy your life by transcending the duality and regaining the wholeness of your being.


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