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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.

  1. What a Reiki workshop means to you
  2. Process of learning Reiki
  3. Schedule and Location
  4. Brief description of each level
  5. Notes for the day of the workshop
    VI. To sign up
    VII. Reiki workshop in your area

I. What a Reiki workshop means to you

This workshop is to develop your inner potentiality to activate the healing energy of Reiki, giving you necessary skills, knowledge and information. At the workshop, Reiki Master Teacher, Masaru Kato, will transfer a specific initiating energy to you. This process is called attunement, which would open your energetic channels. Given the attunement, you will find yourself capable of transferring the life force energy to yourself and others.

Once your energy systems are opened up, this will have profound effects physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will be awakened to the core of your being much deeper. You will get closer to the center of your existence. Where you had thought to be alone and alienated, you will be with all the world energetically. With this awareness, you will experience inner peace and calmness, thereby viewing yourself very positively and dealing with others very generously. As you can see here, learning Reiki is considered as one of the useful tools to reach enlightenment; a deep knowing of oneness.

To participate in this workshop, no prior experience or knowledge is required. Please note that no religious intent is involved in this workshop. There will be no solicitation for contributions or sales of any irrelevant goods. The workshop will be purely for learning the healing system of Reiki. Expectedly, a Reiki workshop will be compatible with any religious believers, because its focus is on inner potentiality of a human, not on specific dogma of any religion.

No matter what your beliefs, religion, goals, or objectives are, everyone will be welcomed with the warmest regards. To name a few, this workshop will be beneficial for those who have the following interests:

  • To promote your health physically and mentally
  • To have self-empowerment
  • To raise the level of your consciousness, to be awakened spiritually
  • To provide healing toward friends and family members
  • To become a professional energy healer
  • To improve your medical skills by having energetic insights of human body (to reshape your medical skills from a spiritual standpoint)

II. Process of learning Reiki

A. Four Levels (or four degrees).

Traditionally, the Reiki training extends over major three steps (levels or degrees), each of which is self-contained. As you progress from one level to the next, you will be adjusted to the higher vibration of Reiki energy. Due to its incremental fashion, everyone should take the Reiki classes from the first level, then, the second, and the third, consecutively. No one can skip a certain level. Even though some Reiki masters teach the third level together with the teacher training, our program separates them and the teacher training is an independent level, the 4th.

Put it briefly, the main focus at every level will be as follows (for the details, please see the below):

Level 1: Self-healing using Reiki, History of Reiki
Level 2: Healing on others, distant healing, time transcending healing
Level 3: Empowerment of your awareness and healing capability
Level 4: Teacher training

Each of the Reiki levels will be held as a one day seminar, with students gathering, either on Saturday or Sunday. We will spend one whole day, approximately eight hours. We will have attunement, lecture/discussion, meditation, etc, which will altogether complete one level of Reiki training.

The pace of stepping up one level to another will be up to your inner growth. Some may spend just a year to complete all four levels, while others may need several years. Please remember that this is not a matter of speed competition. You do not need to compare yourself with other participants of a workshop. “Faster” is not necessarily “better.” The matter of focus should be how much you could be “open” to the Reiki energy. How “open” is a primal focus, not how “fast.”

Also, it will totally depend on your inner needs to what level you might accomplish. There will be no ill effect on you, when you drop out at a certain level. If you decide to stop at level 1 or 2, it will become no problem at all.

B. The necessity of daily energetic clearing

Once the channel of Reiki energy is opened by the attunement, you will never lose the ability of Reiki healing. You do not need to do a tough training to retain the basic potentiality of Reiki. However, it is very important to use the energy channel as often as possible. Imagine a water pipe that is used only occasionally. This pipe may accumulate a clog that impedes the water flow. The water coming out of that pipe is less pure with contaminants. The same thing could happen on your energy channel. Every moment you encounter a certain emotional or mental issue (say, getting upset to your friend), your emotional reactions will be somehow stored in your energy system like the clog in the water pipe. Such an energetic clog accumulates day by day, if you do not flush them out. The more often you use the energy channel, the fewer clogs accumulate in it, therefore, the more easily and strongly the life force energy will flow through it.

After you accomplish the Level 1, it is highly recommended to do the Reiki self-healing on yourself, or do the Reiki healing on someone, or do the meditation that runs the life force energy, for about an hour or at least a half hour for almost every day. This is particularly important for those who want to become a professional energy healer or who want to raise the consciences level to a blissful state. In this regard, our Reiki workshop will give you detailed instructions; what you need to do.

Although the energetic practice every day is very important, the above is not saying that you “have to” do it. If you cannot spare your time for the daily clearing, it does not pose any serious problem to you. This is somehow similar to how often you clean your room. If you want the room stay decent all the time, you need to clean it regularly. If you are tolerant to a messy room, you will just leave it. Like that, your energy system needs to be as clean as possible, if you want to get the optimal benefit of Reiki. If you do not need to maximize the Reiki power, there is no obligation to do daily energetic clearing.

C. Opportunities to follow up

We will set up the following opportunities to support the attendants or graduates of our Reiki program.

  1. Reiki Share
    Reiki students or practitioners get together to give and receive Reiki to one another. They will also discuss any questions about Reiki or relate experiences.
  2. Re-attunement
    A short workshop for about 2 or 3 hours will be offered to give you the attunement once again, and to review the Reiki class. The fee for this will be determined case by case basis.
  3. Discount rate for retaking a Reiki workshop
    You can repeat a Reiki class at half price, if there is room.

III. Schedule and Location

Reiki workshops will be held on the dates as below. Every level will begin at 9:30 AM and end approximately at 6:30 PM. The schedule will be updated and announced on this page periodically.

Level 1: April 28, 2019 (Sun), Palatine, IL

We can possibly accommodate the schedule based on your request. If you have a request or a question concerning the schedule, please call us at 847-989-4261, or e-mail us at

*Those meetings will be held at my office in Palatine.

IV. Brief description of each level

Level I
One day workshop Cost: $140
This first class will open your Reiki channel. You will learn the Reiki symbols at this level and their applications in daily life. You will also learn the Reiki history and basic healing method to do the self-healing. You will receive a notebook containing Reiki I information and the download link for a meditation, “Reiki Self-Healing,” which guides you nicely through for treating yourself with Reiki. Upon completion, you will receive a Reiki I certification.
Dates: April 28, 2019 (Sun)
Level II
One day workshop Cost: $160
This second class will enhance the Reiki power and extend the use of Reiki. You will learn the symbol that is used to send distantly the energy in time and space, and the symbol balancing the energy of emotions and mentality. You will be able to perform a complete Reiki treatment for others. You will receive a Reiki II notebook, and a Reiki II certification, upon its completion.
Date: TBA
Level III
One day workshop Cost: $180
This third class will raise the vibration of Reiki energy to the highest level. You will learn the Master Symbol connecting your consciousness to the higher dimension. At this level, you will not consider Reiki just as a technique because your consciousness is expanded significantly. You will receive a Reiki III notebook, and a Reiki III certification, upon its completion.
Dates: TBA
Level IV
One day workshop Cost:$160
This forth class is to train Reiki Master-Teachers to perform attunements and instruct the usage of Reiki. You will learn how to attune others to empower them with the Reiki system. You will receive a Reiki IV notebook. Upon completion, you will receive a Reiki IV certification.

V. Notes for the day of the workshop

  • Please do not consume caffeine drinks (teas and coffees) or alcohol drinks on the day of the workshop
  • Please spend your time quietly after the workshop. Do not schedule anything after the workshop, which places you out of balance, say, amusement at a rock concert.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes. Do not wear a skirt.
  • There are a couple of restaurants, a few minutes driving distance from the place of workshop in Palatine. You can bring your own lunch.

VI. To Sign Up

Please contact Masaru at 847-989-4261, or

VII. Reiki workshop in your area

If the workshop locations in Illinois, keeps you from getting to our workshop, a Reiki Master Teacher, Masaru Kato, may possibly travel to your area and offer Reiki classes. For further information, please e-mail us at


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