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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.


Formless Healing

The beauty of Nothingness and the power of unified souls

Healing Session with Masaru
Cost: $70 for one hour session plus consaltation

You have an inner power to remove your suffering. You have a choice to heal or not to heal yourself. Many people tend to chose to suffer without utilizing their own power. It might sound weird, but there is a resisting force inside of your being toward your health, peace and freedom. The glue-like force keeps you buried in issues that you want to avoid. This is a really crucial obstacle for your healing process. Based on my experience as a healer, I have found that the most effective way to let go of that resistance and to activate your inner potential is for you and me to work together to co-create the infinite energetic space around us, and let the space guide the process. This will be open ended, process oriented approach guided by the unified field of your soul and my soul. The field will suggest the best approach to alleviate your pain. I will simply follow those guides and act accordingly to them as a facilitator. I am offering you this profound spiritual healing. This is what I call “Formless Healing,” which is facilitated by soul to soul communication, and which is beyond “techniques.”

If the process of “Formless Healing” sounds too passive for you, and if you are certain of what you would like to be done on you, I will, of course, provide the healing based on your request. If you like, you can pick a specific healing modality from the list on the page of Individual Modalities You Can Choose. When you choose the technique, I will be available for consultation to help you find the best suited modality for your needs.

Formless Healing
- The Beauty of Nothingness and the Power of Unified Souls

At first, I will try to create a graceful connection between your soul and my soul. As this is established, together you and I will let our consciousness touch your pain. Together we will let our souls observe your suffering in the most loving and compassionate manner. Interestingly and mysteriously, this acknowledgement of the issue at the deepest level of our combined awareness is usually enough to initiate a powerful healing. For the rest of the process, the healing will be conducted by the wisdom of our souls becoming virtually automatic. I will be involved into this process merely as a facilitator. I will sense what to do to help the process based on the guidance from our souls. I may touch a certain part of your body (I frequently do), if guided to do so. I may ask you to sit quietly for awhile. I may ask you to shout out loud to break up a certain internal barrier. I may call in a certain quality of healing energy, if necessary. I often feel as if I were doing nothing, because there is no place that my personality (my ego) gets involved. I become a tool of our souls. I, myself, do nothing. This is the reason why I call this process “Formless Healing.” It is the healing provided by the wisdom beyond forms without any structured formats.

Why could this simple process be powerful and effective to release your issue?

Within the space of our unified souls it will help you to significantly ease and relax yourself at multiple levels; body, mind, soul, and spirit, as if you were a sleeping baby held in the arms of your mother. Then, you and I together loosen up your inner resistance that sustains your issue, pain, struggling or suffering. If you could completely let go of the unconscious holding patterns to your pain, the pain will vanish automatically. Like a plant that does not grow without soil, your pain can not remain without its energetic ground. This is a very important point I would like to call your attention toward. I am not working on your pain itself. I am working on the energetic foundation that feeds your pain. This is gentle but very effective to release your pain.

I would like to reemphasize that the biggest obstacle for your healing process is the rigid force within you that causes you to hold on to your issue. Whatever the issue is, a part of you does not allow yourself to heal. Your conscious mind wants to heal, but your unconscious mind does not. The unconscious resistance is like a broken record player repeating the same song countless times. When a certain pain is programmed, your mind will consider the pain as normal; something to be preserved.

For example; if you have a tendency that every intimate relationship breaks up easily in a short period of time, your mind may already be programmed to believe “I do not deserve to be loved.” At some point in time a program was imprinted in your mind. In many cases it was imprinted by a specific traumatic event such as the divorce of your parents. In your eyes, in your childhood, you may have thought they separated because you were unlovable to them. Since then, your unconscious mind may have maintained the unworthy self image and the pain of abandonment because the unconscious mind believes they serve you. You want to avoid loneliness; however you behave toward your partner according to the program in your unconscious mind. Then, the relationship breaks apart. Until you let go of the resistance around that program, the program will stay and you will find yourself having difficulty finding and nurturing a loving relationship.

Within the community of energy/spiritual healers, this rigid force has been considered as untouchable. The rigidity will be released, only if you truly desire the positive changes wholeheartedly from the deepest part of your awareness. Unless you release the need to suffer, there is little room for a healer to help. However, from your standpoint, it is hard to release the resistance. This is because you are unaware of it and to your mind; a “change” is the biggest possible fear. For your mind, a “new state” appears to be something uncontrollable. Even a “change” for health, freedom or wellness should be avoided within your unconscious mind. The biggest concern of your mind is to keep the status-quo regardless of its miserable outcome because change is scary.

Through my experience, I have found the healing potential will emerge, when you and I allow ourselves to be saturated in the co-created healing space. When you and I touch your pain together, putting ourselves under the unified field of both souls, one big soul, it will help to loosen your resistance. The connection at the soul level will ease your loneliness to face your pain. You will feel the support in the space around you, the place where you had thought you were alone. The support I provide will amplify your innate potential to heal.

You could experience this healing process at a session with me either in person or over the phone. I usually ask that you come to see me for the first few times, before having the phone session, so that we could establish the trustworthy relation with each other. It will make you more receptive to the healing energy transmitted over the phone. Please refer to How the Phones Session Works, if you want to work with me over the phone.


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