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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.


I. Schedule, Location, and Fees

The classes will be offered in the spring of 2012.

Each of the Karuna Reiki® levels will be held as a one day seminar, with students gathering, either on Saturday or Sunday. We will spend one whole day, approximately eight hours. We will have attunement, lecture/discussion, meditation, etc, which will altogether complete one level of Karuna Reiki® training. We will meet at my office in Palatine.

II. What is Karuna Reiki®?

Karuna Reiki® is a variation of the traditional Reiki healing system. On this page, “Usui Reiki” indicates the traditional, common Reiki, and ‘Karuna’ denotes Karuna Reiki®. Karuna has a series of new symbols, different from the ones of Usui Reiki. Each symbol resonates with a unique energy frequency. Therefore, activating new symbols will bring in new healing qualities and new ways of helping the healing process. So, Karuna presents a different energy by activating different symbols.

Some claim that Karuna is at a higher vibration than Usui Reiki; thus, Karuna is stronger and more powerful, and able to heal a wider range of issues. According to their claims, those who receive the Karuna energy will notice deeper and more penetrating healing effects on their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues. My students and I examined the Karuna energy at the class of Karuna and at an actual healing practice. We all acknowledged the difference in vibration. It is clear that Karuna has a different energetic quality from Usui Reiki. One of my students was quite astonished when she received a session of Karuna. She said, “I almost got out of breath, because of the powerful energy. I have never experienced that intensity in Usui Reiki.”

The above is not to say that Karuna is better than Usui Reiki. It is because Karuna is an addition to or complement to Usui Reiki. Karuna evolved out of Usui Reiki, yet it is standing on the same foundation. For instance, in Karuna, just as in Usui Reiki, the capability of healing is transferred from the teacher to the student through an attunement (energetic initiation). At an actual healing session of Karuna, the process is exactly the same as with Usui Reiki. You will lie down and relax on a massage table, and receive the healing energy through the therapist’s hands placed on you. Take an analogy here. When a chorus is added to an orchestra, they together perform the opera. When you find the opera beautiful, you do not care about which group does a better job – the chorus or the orchestra. Similarly, when a remarkable healing takes place by combining Karuna to Usui Reiki, it is meaningless to give credit only to Karuna.

Karuna was developed by William Lee Rand and other healers at The International Center for Reiki Training. Karuna Reiki® is the registered trade mark of the center. To view their accounts on Karuna, please go to: I am a registered Karuna master at the center.


Comments from a Student

Dear Masaru:
From the first moment I walked in the classroom and was warmly embraced by you, I felt completely comfortable. You radiate love and spirituality. Your meditations are transformative. I have experienced many meditations over the years of 30+ years of spiritual study; these are deep and profound. I loved the use of mudras and chanting the Karuna Reiki symbols. Sensing and tasting the energy of the symbols was a new approach for me. While I could sense a subtle energy shift, I was not able to discern a taste, but I now know to be open to these when I work with the Karuna energies. The practice healing sessions were beautiful. It was an honor and privilege to both give and receive healing energy. You did a wonderful and loving job of facilitating and guiding our class. I wholeheartedly recommend you as a loving and gifted teacher. I would be honored to have you use this testimonial.
With Gratitude and Love,
- E. Cullen, Evanston, IL

III. Two Primal Reasons why I recommend Karuna

The Karuna attunement will open up your heart.
I practiced and checked Karuna attunements with my Karuna teacher, Pamela Arwine, dozens of times to explore, from a teacher’s perspective, what kind of energy I am transferring to my students. I found that the Karuna attunement has significant power to open up your heart chakra, and to assist you in awakening to pure compassion and unconditional love. The Karuna teacher clearly intends to let you align with Divine love and compassion through the attunement process. One day, when I examined the energy transfer during the Karuna attunement, I saw that the pink light of loving vibration radiated from the heart of one of my students, along with the spacious expansion of her heart chakra.

That compassionate aspect is something I love the most about Karuna. It is believed that Karuna helps you to receive blessings from Kwan Yin, Avalokiteshvara, and Mother Mary, who are the embodiments of compassionate action.

The Karuna attunement will deeply connect you to your heart. It has tremendous benefits for you to spiritually evolve, because your heart center is the main gate where you can touch your soul. Love, compassion, purity, peacefulness, and other positive qualities, are coming from your soul, and manifested through your heart. As your heart center opens, you will gain more access to your soul or Higher Self. In this sense, Karuna will help you to raise the level of your consciousness.

You become more open to your spiritual guides.
I have found out that the presence of enlightened beings like Jesus and Mother Mary is more discernable when I am engaged in Karuna energy, than Usui Reiki. Tapping into Karuna, I could sense their support in a more tangible manner. It is hard to articulate why Karuna gets you deeply connected to your spiritual guides. Perhaps the Karuna system has a clear intention to actively invoke the help of spiritual beings.

This is, I believe, one of great gifts of Karuna. On your spiritual path, your ultimate goal is to align yourself with the infinite conscious field of potentiality, which is referred to as the Soul or Higher Self. The more you align yourself with your spiritual guides, the more open your energy field becomes, thus, the more accessible you become to Source. With the help of Spiritual Beings, you will spiritually evolve more quickly.

In this context, I will perform a special meditation at my Karuna classes. The meditation is to allow you to energetically merge with your masters and guides.

IV. Learning Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki® will be taught only to those who have had Reiki Master training.
If you are not a Reiki Master, but have had other healing training, please contact me for permission. You may take Karuna Reiki® if your energy system resonates with the frequency that is equivalent to the Reiki Master energy. This is to ensure that you can easily adjust to the higher energetic potentiality of Karuna Reiki®, and can gain its full benefits.

Like Usui Reiki, you will progress from one level to the next. There are three major steps in Karuna. At Level 1, you will be attuned to four Karuna symbols. At Level 2, you will receive four more symbols. I make the teacher training as an independent class; Level 3. Each of the levels will be taught at a one-day seminar, spending one whole day, approximately eight hours. The Level 3 seminar will be approximately five to six hours. We will have an attunement, lecture/discussion, meditation, etc, which will altogether complete one level of training.

Karuna Level 1: Receiving four symbols that have effects on: Healing on a cellular level, healing past lives, relationships, physical or sexual abuse, unconscious patterns, shadow self, addictions, dispelling psychic attack, developing good habits and compassionate action, clearing the mind, contacting spiritual guides, clearing rooms, harmonizing chakras and manifesting goals.

Karuna Level 2: Receiving an additional four symbols that focus on: Connecting higher self with lower self, improving learning abilities, co-dependence, reality awareness, insomnia, fear, panic, communication, increasing creativity and clairvoyance, grounding, manifesting goals, creating trust and priorities, claiming your power, bringing in peace.

Karuna Level 3: Learning how to perform a Karuna attunement.


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