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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.


SAT & SUN, November 12-13, 2011, starting 10:00 AM on SAT, ending 6:00 PM on SUN

******Infinite Consciousness Seminar in November 2011 has been postponed until the spring 2012. Please check back this page sometime later.*************

The Conference Center at USML, Room 101
1000 East Maple Avenue
Mundelein, Illinois 60060
Phone: 847-566-8290

280 dollars for a two-day workshop
Meal plan (from SAT Lunch to SUN Lunch):$42
Lodging over SAT at USML: $58 (private room with bath)

How to register: Please contact Mr. Masaru Kato, at 847-989-4261, or

NOTE 1: Even for a local person who can commute to USML, I would highly encourage you to lodge there over Saturday night and to have meals at their dining hall for we will have extra activities on Saturday evening by around 10:00 PM, and the Sunday meeting may start at around 7:00 AM.

NOTE 2: If you are planning to get in and stay at the conference center over Friday night, you can do so if the room is available. I am handling the accommodation, please let me know, not contacting the conference center directly. If I get some people who stay over Friday night, I may consider offering a special bonus meeting at the Friday evening. Please check back this page later.

Ground Plan

This seminar is all about surrender. We will get together in order to surrender everything. We will let go of any ideas, thoughts, images, or conceptions on everything, for instance, what you believe true, what you think you are, how things should go, how people around you should behave, so on and so forth. Surrender is the only way to lift you up to the highest level of your consciousness, namely enlightenment. As you deeply surrender everything, in an ultimate sense, giving up your own existence, you will enter the Light in you. Surrender does not mean your physical defeat or death. To surrender is to release any attachments to anything. To know more about the process of surrendering, please leaf through my article (visit the link and scroll down to Page 55) : Surrender: The Essential Attitude in Your Spiritual Growth.

The process of surrendering is so scary to your mind. Your ego is projecting symbolic meanings, images, and judgments onto the world in order to protect itself. By projecting the meanings, the ego tries to make everything knowable, predictable, and understandable. This attempt is, therefore, to make everything manageable and controllable. Thus, to let go of those meanings is, in the eyes of your ego, to disarm itself. The ego is a self-defense mechanism, thus could hardly accept the state of no-defense. Furthermore, as you surrender everything, you would detach yourself from any identities. You would become no one. Surrender appears as if you were losing all significance you believe necessary for yourself. Thus, to let it go appears, in the prism of ego, to cease to exist. You might be terrified to enter the Light in you, even though it will eventually bring in genuine deep peacefulness to you.

It is very important to note that you cannot surrender everything fully by yourself, simply because it is too scary to your mind. As already mentioned, you feel as if you dissipate into void, although you actually remain intact. Due to this strong fear and resistance, you cannot enter God within by yourself. You need someone else to assure your safety. This is the reason why I offer this seminar. At this seminar, we will together, create the energetic healing space around all participants, so that we can feel safety. Like a baby held in its mother’s arms, you will be cradled in the loving vibration of life force energy. This unique energetic feature at this seminar will help you to release the need to protect yourself. It calms down your ego, then enables you to let go of any desires to achieve something and to control something. As we will be deeply immersed in this surrendering state, your true essence will unfold in the space of no boundary.


This seminar will be offered once or twice a year, in the format of meditation retreat for several days. Currently, it is offered as a two-day retreat. Ideally in the future, I would like to have our meeting for 4 to 5 days.

Although this seminar is designated as the most advanced stage of my program of enlightenment, it is open to anyone. This is because this is not to learn a certain healing technique. This is beyond techniques. This is a series of repeated exercises to experience your true essence through deep surrender. Anyone at any level of spiritual evolution can enjoy the shifts in their own way, through the process of this seminar; being aligned with the core essence.

However, it is desirable if you are energetically sensitive to a certain extent, in order to attend this seminar. Because of the energetic feature mentioned in the above, you need to feel the energy around you. Also, you will be asked to hold the healing space for the fellow participants. In this respect, you are highly recommended to take the preceding program of mine, at least, the Reiki seminar with me; so that you can optimize the benefits you will gain at this seminar.

Although most of the processes at this seminar will be spontaneous, guided by the highest awareness, we are likely to engage in:

•Practice: Accepting who you are
•Meditation: Merging into the Higher-Self
•Affirmations: Self-forgiveness and Self-love
•Group Healing Work: Healing the core fear
•Receiving the transformational energy, whose frequency is equivalent to Diksha
•Yoga or stretch work, calling in the life force energy, to make your energy flow and clearing your energy systems
•Silent meditation
•Discussion about consciousness

Your Truth is hidden under the Veil of Symbolism.

It is you who conceals the deepest truth in you. You have created an energetic and psychological veil around your truth. Interestingly enough, the veil seems to be the only reality to you, while the Divine essence in you appears to be unreal to you. All of your attention is directed to the veil, not the Light in you. You become blind to the core essence. The veil is all of images, thoughts, and ideas which your mind projects on yourself and the world. You are tangled with senses of “must,” “ought to,” “have to,” or “the way it should be” like a dragon whose scales glitter golden “Thou Shalt” in Thus Spake Zarathustra written by German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Those senses reflect the denial of who you are. You are driven to become someone different, denying the present state of yourself. You ward off who you are, pushing away God within as well.

As phenomenology correctly points out, your mind is placing symbolic images on everything in the universe. You are not seeing what it really is, but are merely grasping the meanings you arbitrarily created. Everything you see is the result of your thoughts. All the attributes on everything are given by you. The projected meanings block your vision, as if you are always wearing tinted eyeglasses.

In this way, all aspects of your life are affected by symbols projected by your mind. You unconsciously misperceive everything, and behave based on the distorted awareness. For instance, you subconsciously define yourself small and powerless, even though the real you is strong and flawless. Then, you behave in a reserved or nervous way based on the false self-image. You view a relationship with your spouse as confrontational, because you victimize yourself in the first place. If you define yourself as a victim, everyone around you will appear as an offender in your eyes. All of your thoughts are inevitably erroneous, about your private properties, your job, yourself, your friends and partners, your community, your personal history, so and so forth. Then, you fall in conflicts, turbulence, worrying, depression, isolation, all sorts of pains and sufferings.

To get out of this mess of symbolism, you need to surrender everything. You would let go of all ideas about yourself, the world, and the reality around you. In other words, you would let go of your mind itself. As your mind no longer controls you, the Wisdom of the Universe will rush in, and you will go on its flow.

Real Experience of Nothingness/Deeper State than the Peak Experience

You will peel off each piece of veils, illusions, symbols, projected meanings and values, which covers who you really are. As you release all of them, then, what will be left? The final state is beyond your perception and conception, thus, it appears as if nothing is left there. That is not the same with physical emptiness literally. Rather, it is the state about which no human language can explain.

This is the deepest truth in you. It is actually a deeper state than the peak experience where you become really euphoric surrounded by the light. Many spiritual seekers report their altered state of consciousness as seeing the white light through their minds’ eyes, not physical eyes. What I am mentioning here is the state deeper than that. As you feel blissfulness by seeing the brightness of the light, you are not immersed deep enough in the light. As you completely become the light, you will forget the brightness. At the highest level of awareness, you cannot perceive anything, because you become “it”: the highest state itself. You would not be a perceiver anymore. Thus, the closest terms we can describe this state of consciousness are Void, Nothingness, or Emptiness.

That highest realm of consciousness is not absolute void, but the foundation of everything.
Void or Nothingness is the ground that generates vibration of the Universe. It is the source of energy. It is the realm deeper than the realm of energy which forms the physical realm of the Universe.

What I could somehow recall from my own experience of Nothingness are as follows
(*At the moment I was in Void, I cannot see anything but sensing something. Then, as below, I somehow put my experience into words):

• It is a deep healing space, because there is no resistance to anything. Everything can be forgiven and accepted. I felt that I directly experienced unconditional love in that space.
• It is a paradoxical state. The state is completely quiet as well as dynamically moving. It is shimmering bright as well as completely dark. It is peaceful as well as exciting. It is the pure non-dual state, where nothing can conflicts each other.
• You will gain great power and sparks of life. The force of creation unfolds itself in you because you do not resist to it at all. Also, the aliveness in you flourishes in you. A strong sense of joyfulness runs whole through your body.
• It gives you a sense of completion, fulfillment, and safety. You feel that you get back to Home. You will be satisfied completely, thus, you would not crave for anything else.
• There is no force of confinement. You will experience absolute freedom. You will also sense the spacious expansion of yourself, as if you become infinite.

The Key is to Allow/This is All about Being, not Doing

Any effort to enter Nothingness above mentioned is off the mark. The highest state above mentioned is actually the natural and fundamental state of your being. You are inherently with it in the first place. Your task is to regain the state with clarity and freedom by letting go of the present state in illusions. This is the transition from one state of being to the original state of being, like stormy weather becomes calmed down. It is very important to note that you cannot force this transition to happen for you. You cannot stop the storm immediately. You cannot force a tadpole to become a frog immediately. You cannot force a fish to live without water. You cannot change the pace of hair growth. Like those examples, you should not view this transition of being (natural change from state A to state B) from the prism of doing (practical choice between action X and action Y).

What you can do for the transition is to set up an appropriate environment. As you put a seed in the soil inside the pot, you will water it, and will adjust the room temperature so on and so forth, so that it will grow in a healthy way. You cannot control the growth of the plant, but you can help the transitions, from a seed to a flower. This is what this seminar is all about, providing the appropriate help to let your internal potential unfold itself.

All of the curriculums at this seminar, mentioned in the above, are to soften your internal world, so that you can allow the transition of being to happen. The processes at this seminar are not to directly push you into the highest level of consciousness. Any external force cannot bring you to there. You will reach there by allowing, trusting, forgiving, and accepting who you are.

The key for the transition is to allow you to change. It is because you attach yourself to the old state where tangled with symbolism discussed in the above section, Your Truth is hidden under the Veil of Symbolism. To allow is not necessarily to be passive. It is, rather, to trust. Take an analogy here. You would jump off the cliff without a parachute, trusting the arms of God would catch you. Like that, you would let go of the old false self, trusting the new real self would guide you better in a graceful way. You will allow your core essence to emerge, and then it will manifest itself.




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