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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.


Individual Modalities You Can Choose

Session under a specific modality
Cost: $70 for one hour session plus consultation

If the Formless Healing is not what you want, you can receive the healing in a way you want. You can pick and ask me a certain modality from the list below. You can also ask me to combine some of these. The information below does not display all of the techniques I have mastered, but shows some key modalities.

Reiki is a healing technique that is categorized as Vibrational Medicine, Energy Medicine, or Energy Work (called in many ways). Reiki is, perhaps, the most popular modality within that category in the U.S. It is believed to promote your health by balancing the life energy running in and around you. I will place my hands on various parts of your body very gently, where the healing energy is transferred to you. Reiki may strengthen your immune system, which may help to ward off many types of illness. Most receivers commonly experience, at a Reiki session, physical relaxation and emotional peacefulness as well. For further information, please go to Reiki.
ARCH®(Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing)
ARCH® is an ancient Hawaiian energy healing, which was rediscovered and refined by Laurie Grant. It is working with you for several rounds from the one to heal your physical body, to the one to heal your emotional body, then, mental body, then, causal body, and finally the spirit, by applying various kinds of energies at different frequencies. The result of that will be full spectrum healing on all levels of your being. I will touch you gently, with the intention of bringing in the Divine energy directly to you, not passing through my body. It will keep the healing energy in its purest form. I was certified as a Master ARCH® healer. For further information, please visit Laurie’s web at:
Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is the most common type of bodywork for stress relief in the West. I will glide my hands over your skin applying massage oils, which gives you a luxurious sensation. I will also rub and gently squeeze your muscles and tissues, that leads to better circulation of blood and body fluids. This is desirable for general relaxation of the body. To learn more about massage, please go to:
Shiatsu is a Japanese style massage that is characterized by the pressure at various pressure points (called “Tsubo”) using thumbs. Shiatsu enhances not only the circulatory mechanism of the body but also the flow of life energy (called “Ki”). It would appear that little is happening in its appearance (not as dynamic in motion compared with Swedish Massage) but revitalizes you greatly. This is desirable for those who want stimulation for the body rather than relaxation of the body. To learn more about Shiatsu, please go to: There, you can search online articles about Shiatsu.

Myofascial Release

Unlike massage, this unique modality developed by John F. Barnes is to soften the fascial system. The fascia is the connective tissues surrounding almost all of the body parts: groups of every muscle, bones, nerves, blood vessels, organs and cells of the body. This three-dimensional web of connective tissue is actually one structure, spreading from head to toe. Therefore, the restriction on the fascia system is so influential to your total health. Applying a steady gentle stretch on fascia, you will notice the relief from the very deep inside. Perhaps, this is one of the most effective tools to release the trauma stored in the body parts, cells, DNA, and organs. For further information, please go to:

Mindful Touch Therapy

This is a healing technique created by Nancy E. Schmitt, a founder of AVIANA® Body Products and Body Work. It is to cleanse and balance the Chakra system (energy centers) and to revitalize your body by stimulating pressure points, which are determined in Marma Therapy (Ayurvedic massage). It is widely known as the bodywork that is applicable for cancer patients (note: ordinary massage may have adverse effects for stimulating circulation that could lead to metastasis). It also generates benefits in reduction of stress and anxiety. For further information, please refer to



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