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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.


It is my sincere desire and commitment to help you to allow yourself to be loved. You subconsciously hesitate to receive love, kindness, grace and actual help from everyone including yourself. You dissociate yourself from the sound bonding of mutually giving and receiving love between you and others, you and yourself, you and Nature, and you and God. This manner of dissociation is originated from traumatic impacts you received in the past, especially in your childhood. You concealed the terror inside of yourself not to feel it. Consequently, you became numb and incapable to express your feelings and emotions in a healthy manner. Also, because of the pain inside, you fortified yourself by covering yourself up with a dense energetic armor for the sake of protection. In other words, you imprisoned yourself in a psychological cage, energetically repressing yourself. This is now, shutting out the natural flow of love, energy, and internal wisdom, in and around you, which is vital for your life. This energetic solidification results in dis-ease, a highly stressed, imbalanced state. It will be eventually manifested in various forms of symptoms; depression, cancer, stroke, migraine headaches, etc. This is an ironical turnout. You got wounded because of the lack of love in the first place. Then, you ended up refusing love, and you became dis-eased.

Two Pillars to Support You
Shifting Your Consciousness, please visit Self-Transformation Workshops
Profound healing with Masaru, please visit Healing Session

It is not a matter of destroying fear,
but of knowing its nature
and of seeing it as a less powerful force
than the power of love.

- Barbara Ann Brennan

The Key for Healing

The key for your healing is to directly experience your spiritual ground, called in many ways, such as Great Mother, True-Self, Higher-Self, or Soul. It is the deepest part of your internal reality which has not been affected by anything. No matter how terrible your experience might be – from sexual abuse, beatings, to the icy cold family where no warm attention was given to you – the deepest ground of your psyche remains untouched. It is the innate holiness and strength inside of yourself that has remained pure and innocent since the beginning of your life, and will stay forever unchanged. As you are deeply immersed in your own spiritual truth, you will come to realize who you really are is infinite consciousness filled with unconditional love of the Divine. You will know that you are truly a loveable person, no matter what kind of past you went through. You will restore the deep trust and love for yourself, for others, and for the outer world. You will regain the loving bonding with everything and everyone around you, and your life will flourish and be filled with joy.

My Approach to Help You

My pure dedication is to help you to be welcomed by your own spiritual truth, getting back to Home. I would initiate the healing process for you by turning over everything in me to the Divine. I will be immersed into a self-less awareness, which is timeless and purely non-dual. At this moment, some great spiritual force, which is clearly beyond my own individual existence, starts to take care of the rest of the healing process. Within this healing space, some spiritual or energetic resonance naturally emerges between you and me, because I do not defend myself against you. I do not have “I” to defend, thus, I could sympathetically open up myself for your own personal growth. This resonance will gradually evolve into the Oneness, where there is no separation, thus, completely non-judgmental. Without any effort from you or me, the Spirit will open its arms and extend its Grace to you. You will be surrounded by a very warm, kind, and peaceful sensation, like a baby who is cradled in its mother’s arms. You will feel a sense of familiarity within that warmth and kindness, because it is your spiritual truth. You will touch the essence of your being, and feel deep peacefulness.

By giving myself up to the Divine, I will bridge a gap between your daily consciousness and your spiritual truth. This is an impersonal process. I do neither intend to impose any of my personal will on you, nor transfer any personal energy to you. This is a truly gentle process, because you and I will not try to fix anything. It is a deep affirmation and acceptance of what you are. This is the process for your freedom. You will let go of a lot of stories and illusions in you which have bound your life. You will release a great deal of self-created burdens.

Love created me like itself.
- A Course in Miracles

Areas of Focus

This approach of healing is applicable to almost any psychological or physical conditions. However, I have found that some spiritual force within me wells up inside of me to help or empower particularly the following interests, concerns or issues. In other words, I have been guided to work on the following areas:

  • To release childhood trauma by helping you become aligned with your spiritual ground
  • To gain healthy self-esteem, stopping self-criticism
  • To transform personality for a cancer patient: shifting from the mentality prone to cancer to the mentality immune to cancer.
    *In my eyes, cancer results from the state of energy depletion by overly serving others, while refusing to receive love. Without transforming your personality, you will stay vulnerable to illness, even if you would successfully become cancer free.
  • To spiritually assist a couple who are struggling with infertility by nurturing the soul-to-soul communication between you and your spouse, and between you and a future baby, in order to make the chance of pregnancy greater from a spiritual ground.
  • To bring peace into the energetic dynamics within a couple.
  • To raise the level of consciousness into the enlightened level.

NOTE: I am approaching your issue or am helping your personal empowerment, as an energy/spiritual healer, from an energetic/spiritual standpoint. I am not a licensed psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist. Therefore, I will not make any medical diagnoses and/or prescriptions for your conditions.

I am not presenting, in the above, a fairy tale simply to give you hope or to make you feel encouraged. I am presenting an actual process of recovery through self-discovery. Your spiritual essence holds substantial reality. You can actually and directly touch and feel your Soul. I am proving this in my actual life. I was a victim of childhood abuse; severely beaten up by my father. For decades, I was in an unreasonable sense of helplessness. The fear in me formed the perfectionism that drove me to do relentless hard work to gain admiration and approval from everyone. Through years of spiritual practice and self-healing, I have finally attained my own spiritual truth. I have experienced my Soul in a tangible manner. I have been feeling a genuine deep safety, always protected by the Divine force. My Soul has dissolved my pains and sufferings and it has brought me an unencumbered life, always being peaceful. If you wish, I would love to share this process through my heart and Soul with you and your Soul.

From my heart
Masaru Kato
Founder of Atman Well-being (in service since 2004)
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
January 2011

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