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YouTube Channel Opens!

Masaru has presented his videos to deliver his spiritual insights. Click here to see his channel, and videos.

Reiki Seminar, Palatine, IL
Level 1 on Apr 28, 2019. Click here for its details.


From the soul standpoint, the distance does not matter at all for initiating the healing process, because there is no such thing; “distance.” You are the infinite consciousness, and so am I. At the soul level, you and I are one. You do not necessarily need to physically see me to receive the healing.

Interestingly and mysteriously, when you and I are connected over the phone, it will intensify the energetic connection between us, thus it makes it easier for us to feel the energy and feel the guidance from our souls. Honestly, I do not know why the phone connection can help. But it works.

Here are some notes to receive the phone session:

1. You need to make an appointment ahead of time by calling me or e-mailing me.

2. Please e-mail me your contact information and a short description of your issue.

3. I will return the e-mail to give you the phone number to call.

4. At the appointed time, you will call me. Then, the healing session will begin.

5. After the session, you will be asked to pay me through the Internet. I will have PayPal send you their online invoice. You will complete the PayPal payment, according to the instructions on the invoice. If you do not like this online payment, you can send me a check. Where to send will be notified on the e-mail to you.

For your comfort, I would suggest that you have a headset plugged to your phone, so that you could relax your hands.

Comments from Clients

Dear Masaru! Thank you so much for your help and care - my sadness is a part of my being, I know that, but you gave me gentle yet powerful tools to soothe it! I am sure that all of me is about to heal. To see one´s pain with compassion, as you taught me , is much more sensible, than to try and force it out of one´s being! And as well as that this way of approaching a dilemma is a positive experience and supports the soul on its long journey. Thank you for showing the way!
- K. Curran, Berlin, Germany.

I find Masaru to be a very loving presence. In our phone session, he accurately identified a block in my belly which I named "anxiety". Masaru assisted me in being present and fully available to the anxiety that was present in my experience. While this attending was not new to me, sometimes it really helps to have a strong and stable support for really opening to what is present. Masaru facilitated me in connecting with warmth, friendliness, and love to the anxiety that was present, such a tender reminder that i have the capacity to be with whatever is arising in my experience. I can't say the anxiety lessened immediately, but what did change was the pain that comes with being in resistance to the anxiety. I could feel a greater openness to and allowance of the anxiety in my work with Masaru, which helped me come into alignment with what was really true. I recommend his work highly; he is a loving and compassionate guide, reminding me of that same healing capacity within myself.
- M. Walker, Belfast, ME


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